“Having Megan as a resource for the families I support has been a game-changer! Trying to find individuals to work in your home and be with you when you are most vulnerable can be stressful and overwhelming. Megan understands that and leads with love and compassion as she works with families to find just the right fit. I trust Megan completely to care for my clients, friends, and family!”


-Amanda Hemm, co-founder of Soutiens, www.soutiens.us


“With reliable childcare being hard to come by these days, we, like so many, found ourselves having to rapidly change plans with the changing times. We had a very short time frame to identify a nanny who was capable of meeting the needs of two busy full time working parents. We were so lucky to find Megan. She has an extensive network of contacts and worked overtime to identify the perfect fit for our family. We absolutely love the nanny she found for us. She's become another member of the family, and the kids adore her! I cannot thank Megan enough for how much she's helped us.”


-Kathryn, Acton, MA


Megan has been a godsend! When our nanny of 5 years left abruptly, we were in a real bind.  With 5 and 7 year old girls, and busy work schedules, my husband and I needed to find a full time nanny quickly, but we didn't want to compromise quality or fit.  Megan immediately lept into action, providing insight and guidance about standard industry rates and benefits, and helped us think through our family's needs and develop a detailed job description.  Megan also screened and helped us interpret applicant resumes, and met and provided feedback on the candidate we ended up hiring.  Megan is responsive, knowledgeable, and good humored.  I highly recommend you engage her for your next nanny search!


-Jen, Cambridge MA