Candidate Application

Those interested in applying to be a Nanny, Housekeeper, House Manager, Occasional babysitter, or Dog Walker should fill out the application above and send directly to




Families interested in hiring Domestic Staff from MDDS, should fill out the above application and send directly to

Registration and Placement fee


Families interested in working with MDD Staffing, Inc. to select their next qualified and vetted household employee will pay a one-time, non-refundable registration fee in the amount of $150. Once the fee has been received, a detailed job description will be created and the search officially begins. If an employer selects one of our trusted candidates, we will work collaboratively to iron out a detailed employee/employer contract. Once the contract has been agreed upon and signed by both parties, the employer agrees to pay MDD Staffing, Inc. 11% of the employees annual salary as a placement fee.  


Fee Breakdown


A $150 non refundable filing fee is required in order to get your search started. Once payment is collected, you can expect the following:

  • MDD Staffing, Inc. will compose a detailed job description based on the information that you provide. 

  • MDD Staffing, Inc. will represent and post the job description throughout channels designed to reach caregivers in search of employment. We take our time to weed through applications and move forward with anyone who matches or exceeds our quality standard. 

  • Each candidate that MDD Staffing, Inc. presents has consented to a background check and is comfortable providing official driving records. Families have the option to require a drug test on a candidate once an offer has been presented. The offer would then be contingent on the results of the drug test. 

  • If for any reason you decide to walk away from the search, the $150 is nonrefundable.


Placement Fee       


Assuming that MDD Staffing, Inc. connects you to the candidate you have selected to hire, the employer agrees to pay a one time placement fee to MDD Staffing, Inc. The fee is 11% of the employee's annual salary as outlined in a contract. 


What can an employer expect from MDD Staffing, Inc. once a candidate is selected by the family? 

  • MDD Staffing, Inc. will immediately create an offer letter and present it to the desired candidate.  

  • MDD Staffing, Inc. will work equally with the employee and employer to iron out a very detailed contract. Each contract will be individualized and touch on all expectations , responsibilities and scenarios.  

  • MDD Staffing, Inc. will be available as a resource for the lifetime of the employee/employer relationship. It is truly our goal to help foster happy, healthy placements. 


Our Guarantee 


MDD Staffing, Inc. does its best to get it right the first time around, but in the rare case that a family is unsatisfied, we will replace the nanny for up to 70 days at a reduced rate. For additional details on this policy, please refer to the contract that was signed and submitted with your $150 nonrefundable filing fee.